Neologism Installation Guide

For a successful installation makes sure the Web server is working properly with PHP 5.2 or higher installed with the rewrite module enabled and the Database server is running as well.

Installation of a downloaded compressed release.

Uncompress the downloaded release into a directory with your preferable name. e.g: “neologism/neologism_directories_and_files”.

Create an empty database and name it with a properly name.

Once these prerequisites are met, you can open your browser and type the URL of your site, e.g: This a fictitious example for a neologism site installed in a local computer. After you type the URL and press intro the installation script will be executed for first time.

Note that if there is any requirement problem a page will shows you details about what to do as follows: Screenshot of Requirement Problem of a Neologism installation.

Once make sure to meet all the requirements to continue the installation process.

After that, you can continue the process described in the following URL where the installation process for Drupal sites is described in details.